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Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation

Department of Communication

For Immediate Release - October 10th, 2010

Irvine, California, USA


ASEAN Security Summit in Hanoi and the campaign to change
the name "South China Sea" to "Southeast Asia Sea"


For the future of the people and the rivers and mountains of Vietnam!


For the future of Southeast Asia!

Legitimate justice and the International community stand on our side!


Let's seize the opportunity!


Dear Vietnamese and Southeast Asian compatriots at home and abroad,


Dear justice loving Brothers and Sisters all over the world,


The South China Sea is one of the main causes leading to a series of meetings between a number of countries this year. We need to speak up for ourself, for Southeast Asia and for friend and allied nations in dealing with the invasion of China.


Ladies and gentlemen, so far the campaign to rename the South China Sea to the Southeast Asia Sea has received nearly 9,000 signatures from the Vietnamese and people from over 70 countries.


This is a very encouraging figure. It indicates that the campaign has gotten a great response from the international community who supports the name Southeast Asia Sea and confirms the sovereignty of Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries over this sea.


Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation is pleased to share this joy, and would like to convey our sincere thanks to all supporters for their relentless and warm support in the past few months.

Ladies and gentlemen, after the second ASEAN - US summit, which took place in New York in late September of this year, the ASEAN delegations will arrive in Hanoi on October 12 to attend the ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting Plus (ADMM + 8)


This is the first official meeting among ASEAN and the United States and its allies Japan, Australia, South Korea, together with Russia, India, New Zealand and China, to discuss regional security and lay down a foundation for the strategic defense relationship and cooperation between those countries in the future, notably, the South China Sea is considered as the key issue of the regional security.


This summit plays a very important role because it is bonded to the context of the South China Sea issue and maritime security, which have attracted a great concern at the international forum. In the early of November of this year, the US said that it is willing to help to draft a legally-binding Code of Conduct, which is aimed to resolve the South China Sea disputes between ASEAN countries and China.


Later on, from 28th through 30th of this month, another ASEAN summit will also be held in Hanoi to discuss issues relating to the regional infrastructure development and how to strengthen the economic potential of the entire region. Representatives from Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and India will join the meeting, especially, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General will also attend this summit.



1. The appeal for changing the name South China Sea to Southeast Asia is the traditonally eloquent voice of the Viet people anytime the country is under threat of foreign invasion.


2. The appeal for changing the name of the sea is a peaceful and practical solution. In the immediate future, this solution will prevent China from looting, arresting, extortion and the massacre of Vietnamese or any Southeast Asian fishermen in the region; while in the long term, not only future generations of China to permanently renounce ambitions to invade the sea, but the name change will also give Vietnam an opportunity to take back the Paracel Islands and some islands in the Spratly Islands, which were invaded and temtorarily occupied by China.


Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation is urging everyone to support the campaign so that the Southeast Asia Sea issue is able to get attention from all segments of the international community as well as from related parties.

We respectfully ask you and members of your families to sign the petition, to distribute widely this petition, and to urge the support of friends all over the world so that our legitimate request will soon be achieved.


Dear Vietnamese and Southeast Asian compatriots at home and abroad,

Dear justice loving Brothers and Sisters all over the world,


- For the future of the country and of many generations to come.

- For the lives, property and rights of the fishermen of Vietnam and Southeast Asian nations.

- For the national security, the security of Southeast Asia, Asia - Pacific.


Please join the campaign to change the name South China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea!


Ladies and gentlemen, support this sustained campaign is a practical action to protect peace in Southeast Asia, and also is a noble gesture, a priceless gift for our future generations.


Each signature expresses the interest and desire of our heart for our people, our country, our region, and mankind.


The campaign to change the name South China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea is the campaign of all of us. It belongs to people at home and abroad, belongs to people of the Southeast Asia, and belongs to justice loving people all over the world.



Please sign the petition

before the opportunity to defend our sea slip away!




Best regards and thank you,

Nha Tran H. Nguyen
Head of the Media Team

Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation



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