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For Immediate Release - October 1st, 2010

Irvine, California, USA


ASEAN - US Summit in New York and the campaign
to change the name "South China Sea" to "Southeast Asia Sea"

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Recently, on September 24, 2010, the second summit between the leaders of 10 Southeast Asian countries and the United States was held in New York City of New York State of the United States of America. One of the main reasons of the summit is to deal with China's ambition of taking control of the entire South China Sea. Following are some facts concerning this meeting,

1. In a joint statement, both sides have agreed that they will apply the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and other international maritime law to any territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

2. The President of the Philippines, Mr. Benigno Aquino III, as the summit coordinator and on the behalf of the Southeast Asian nations, was telling the world that,

"ASEAN will stand as a block in territorial disputes with China"

Through a different speech, the President also implied that 600 million people in Southeast Asia will replace the phrase "South China Sea" with a more suitable name

"Hopefully we won't have to call it the South China Sea because it is not just their sea."

Certainly, the new name is the one that will bring about meaningful in
every aspect: the Southeast Asia Sea.

3. The communist government of China had been putting all diplomatic efforts to pressure some members of ASEAN during the preparation of joint statement between ASEAN and the United States. Apart from the purpose of silencing the Southeast Asian countries at the international forum and breaking the unity of these nations in a plot to take control of the entire Southeast Asia Sea - Its ultimate goal is to contain this rising region. Moreover, Peking has used every barbaric means and tactics, including robbing and murdering innocent Asian fishermen, encouraging thousands of bloggers and websites to distort the history of the sea and to verbally attack and humiliate Southeast Asians in order to cover up its crimes and ambition.


- In order to cultivate, strengthen unity among Southeast Asian countries for a strong, healthy, moral, prosperous region, and is completely independent from China - an extremely dangerous and immoral neighboring country.

- In order to publicly and internationally denounce immoral and inhuman acts of Han Chinese nationalism against the people of the Southeast Asia.

600 million people of Southeast Asia: Stand up!

85 million Vietnamese people around the world: Stand up!

Hundred Yue brothers and sisters in Guangdong and Guangxi: Stand up!


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

For our own sake, let's join the campaign to rename the South China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea. The campaign is the first step of laying down the foundation for the rising Southeast Asia in the 21st century.

This campaign is not the sole responsibility of Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation. It is the common responsibility for all of us. This campaign is not Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation's own campaign. It is yours. This campaign belongs to more than 600 million Southeast Asians, belongs to Vietnamese people around the world, and belongs to the ASEAN leaders.

Dear bloggers, Internet users, website owners, and the media:


Please support the campaign by placing the slogan "Let's sign the Petition to change the same South China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea"on your sites, in your emails and link to the Petion Letter:

Petition to change the name South China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea

More than 600 million people are in need of our support.


The world is waiting for appeal from our own call to stand up with us.

Best regards and thank you,

Nha Tran H. Nguyen
Head of the Media Team

Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation