Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation
July 20, 2011

“SUNDAY NO CHINA” campaign

Dear fellow citizens of our nation and the world:

The Chinese government is making use of an economy nurtured by people worldwide to simultaneously develop a war machine and monopolize the current troubled global economy for implementing China’s expansionism. The Communist Party of China’s actions are causing great instability in the Asia Pacific region and its ambition is posing major threat to humans, including their own in the 21st century.

To oppose and denounce the ongoing brutal, barbaric, terrorist attacks of Chinese authorities against Vietnamese fishermen and to expose their plot using forces and economic power to threaten and disunify the ASEAN in order to invade and occupy Vietnam’s territorial waters and the entire Southeast Asia Sea, Nguyễn Thái Học Foundation calls on people all over the world to join the campaign:


Sunday No China is a campaign suggesting individuals and businesses worldwide to STOP or DIMINISH buying goods made in China or China related services on EVERY SUNDAY.

Sunday No China campaign is the first step, the psychological preparation for a campaign of a long – standing boycott aiming at reducing dependency and harms of China goods in world markets. The next step could be the “Weekend No China” that includes both Saturday and Sunday; and the last step may ultimately include the whole 7 days of a week.

Let's take a simplified example to present an aspect of economic
related to the campaign. Assume that 8 million Vietnamese (approximately 10% of the country’s whole population) buy 0.50 USD (about 10,000 VNĐ) of made-in-Vietnam goods instead of China products on a Sunday, then China would lose 4,000,000 USD in just a single day. On the contrary, Vietnam would benefit an increasing of 4,000,000 USD to the country’s total domestic consumption, which is equivalent to 400,000 jobs with a paid rate of 10 USD/day in Vietnam.

Sunday No China campaign does not attempt to change boycotting methods currently offered by others. The campaign aims to call on individuals, businesses and communities who have not had the opportunity to completely boycott Chinese goods and services at the current stage.


Sunday No China campaign’s success depends on the participation of Vietnamese people and all people around the world. This campaign is carrying out by the Internet. We strongly urge you all to use any other suitable means to regularly and continuously sending out the message "SUNDAY NO CHINA" and similar ones like “Buy Vietnam,” "Buy ASEAN," "By USA," "Buy Europe," "Buy Japan," “Buy Australia," "Buy Canada," and etc.

Sunday No China campaign is launched with the aim of responding to and supporting of the call of Vietnamese individuals, Vietnamese organizations, and communities of our friends who are joining the boycotting of China goods, like the Cana Travel and Con Dao Explorer Travel firms in Vietnam, Governor Joey Salceda of the Philippines, the Freedom Vietnamese Community in Australia, and the Tibetan community.

Sunday No China campaign is to respond to Vietnam's call as well as to support waves of worldwide demonstrations against China's aggression staged by global Vietnamese and Filipinos in recent months; together with the campaign to rename the sea and a chain reaction from Vietnamese communities, the combination of those relentless efforts has had undeniable impact on a trend towards unity of ASEAN and on certain important decisions from the international community. Typically, the US Senate Resolution 217 and the US House Resolution 352 were recently introduced, which condemn the use of force and overt threats by China and reaffirm the strong support of the United States for the peaceful resolution of maritime territorial disputes in the Southeast Asia Sea.

Dear fellow citizens:

With just a little more effort, each of us will be able to contribute to defeating Communist China's hegemony and expansionist policy, and at the same time sending a message to Chinese people that citizens of the world wish to see a strong China built on ethics and the foundation of liberty and democracy.


Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation sincerely thank you for your support.


Nha-Tran H. Nguyen

Director, Media and Communications
Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation




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