Nguyen Viet Linh


More than seventy years ago, the Vietnamese Nationalist Party also known as Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang or VNQDD, under the leadership of Nguyen Thai Hoc decided to pick the February 10, 1930, as the date that all the patriotic Vietnamese people would stand up against the French colonial government for the freedom and democracy of Vietnam, their beloved country.


The failure of the revolution on February 10, 1930, led to the execution of Nguyen Thai Hoc and his other twelve comrades. They were all sentenced to death and were beheaded by the French colonial government on June 17, 1930, in Yen Bay province. Their uprising was unsuccessful but their spirit and legacy have been passed on to the Vietnamese people for generations until today.


In 2004, more than seventy years after the historical incident of Yen Bay, a group of the Vietnamese in United States of America decided to found the Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation. Their ultimate goal is to reclaim and to flare again the patriotic spirit of Nguyen Thai Hoc and his comrades in order to honor their sacrifice for the survival, the freedom and the democracy of Vietnam. They also want to maintain and to pass on the patriotic actions of Nguyen Thai Hoc and his comrades to the future generations of the Vietnamese youth who may grow up either in their homeland or in oversea.

In October 2005, the Youth Martial Arts Project was born and has become one of the key projects sponsored by Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation. To serve the purpose of teaching the Vietnamese youth the patriotism and how to carry out this ideology in their daily activity, the martial art project is a powerful tool to educate the youth not only the Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts but also the Nguyen Thai Hoc’s spirit.


In order to revive the slogan “KHÔNG THÀNH CÔNG CUNG THÀNH NHÂN” that was claimed by Nguyen Thai Hoc in 1930, all of the youth members of the Nguyen Thai Hoc Youth Martial Arts Projects will practice, exercise and live up to the following basic concepts through their daily actions in training themselves to be more productive and helpful to their families, their communities and their country:



San Jose, California, a sunny morning of December 2005